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"We need always to be mindful of why we assess our pupils. Any assessment should have a clear purpose, and if it is FOR learning, which the day-to-day assessment in our classroom normally is, it should have some impact on how the teaching/learning proceeds in the immediate future. We also need to be aware of what can be assessed, and this is much more than comprehension of texts. There are many skills involved in reading, which our pupils may be lacking, and these need to be identified and worked on. (...)  

Having identified what to assess, it is important to have a range of methods to use in assessment, including advice on how to make a test. Finally, most teachers will, at some point, have pupils taking the National Test in English reading, and the more familiar they are with this, the better able they are to help their pupils succeed, and to support them where they most need it! Hopefully, somehow, this document will enhance the assessment of reading, and ultimately, reading itself."  (From The Assessment of English Reading by Angela Hasselgreen).


Sculpture by
Josep Maria Subirachs symbolising
the ladder of knowledge


We encourage everybody to contribute to our guide in reading; this can be a lesson plan, a book you have used or come across, a link to a good website or an article about reading, for instance.  
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