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Suggested books for reading in English

In this final section of the guide for reading we have compiled a selection of books in English. The books have been categorised according to the expected reading level for most pupils in primary and lower secondary school. However, there is no age limit for enjoying any book!

Lesson plans have been developed for some of the books; look through the book lists and follow the link to the specific lesson plan. 

"The point of reading is that the writer succeeds in communicating with the reader. In order for this to happen the reader needs to be interested in the subjest matter and the text needs to be well-written and understandable. We all make choices about what to read and judgements about what we find interesting or not, or too easy or difficult. Pupils in school should be allowed the same degree of flexibility and choice that is available for people outside school." (Drew, Ion & Bjørn Sørheim (2009) English Teaching Strategies. Oslo: Samlaget

See menu (left) for list of books for
1st - 4th grade
5th - 7th grade
8th - 10th grade 


'Lost on stairs'_ÉoleWind_FlickrCC_73491156_1435420692
Lost on stairs - in reading! 

Suggested books can also be found in
Young adult literature
Multicultural literature 
Picture books in the ESL classroom
External resources:
International Children's Digital Library
LibriVox: free audiobooks



We encourage everybody to contribute to the book lists! You are also welcome to include a review or a lesson plan.
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  Thanks to all researchers, teacher educators, teachers and others who have contributed to the guide!

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