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Choice of texts

Usually the teacher has some autonomy in the selection of literature for the English classroom or the school library. The teacher who knows her pupils' preferences and abilities and has an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses will also be able to make wiser choices. However, the selection process is far from easy.

In this section of the guide we have included three articles that discuss the readability of the texts or the level of the language in the texts, the importance of the cultural content and the relevance of the chosen texts to the lives of the pupils, and finally, the motivation factor; in any classroom we will find different individual motivations for reading. How do we get our pupils to read because they want to and not end up looking upon the reading as a chore rather than a pleasure?




We encourage everybody to contribute to our guide in reading; this can be a lesson plan, a book you have used or come across, a link to a good website or an article about reading, for instance.
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