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Differentiated learning


"Like DNA each individual is unique. Being unique makes that individual special. The word special is used to describe something that relates to one particular individual, group or environment. Special also means different from normal. Normal is used to refer to what is ordinary, as in what people expect. When it comes to teaching foreign languages, these words are loaded because they carry so many implications, resulting in positive or negative outcomes for the individual." (...) 

"The challenge to teachers is to devise ways of presenting foreign language learning in contexts that are meaningful to learners and in ways that are accesable to the least as well as to the most able."

Eoropean Commision (2005). Special Education Needs in Europe. The Teaching and Learning of Languages.




We encourage everybody to contribute to our guide in reading; this can be a lesson plan, a book you have used or come across, a link to a good website or an article about reading, for instance. 
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