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About the authors

Reading in English - a Teacher's Guide

A short presentation of the authors of the guide






Anna Birketveit, Senior Lecturer,  English Department, Bergen University College (2017: Høgskulen på Vestlandet). 
She has been involved in teacher training since 1992. Her developmental work and research interest have focused on didactics and children's literature. She gained a scholarship from the Norwegain Institute for Children's Books in 2007 for research on Roald Dahl's books for children. She is involved in different collaborative networks nationally and internationally. 


Barbara Joan Blair, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Faculty of Teacher Education, Bergen University College (2017: University of Bergen)


Ion Drew, Professor, Dr. Art. Department of Cultural Studies and Languages, Faculty of Arts and Education, University of Stavanger. 

Main areas of specialisation are English teaching methodology, teacher education, second language acquisition and second language literacy development

E-mail :  

Anne-Brit Fenner, University Lecturer, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen


Mona Flognfeldt, Associate Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Teacher Education, Oslo University College


Angela Hasselgreen, is Professor of Language and Didactics at Bergen University College, Faculty of Teacher Education. Since 2003 she has worked with the National Testing of English group at the University of Bergen. She has also coordinated a number of national and international projects on the assessment of young learners, and is joint coordinator of a national network for Young Learner Research. She is currently acting as Director at the Norwegian Study Centre in York (2008-2010).
(2017: University of Bergen) 

Turid Helland, Professor Emerita, Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen


Glenn Ole Hellekjær ,Professor, Dr. Artium, University of Oslo, Faculty of Education (ILS), University of Oslo


Hæge Hestnes, Associate Professor, Programme for Teacher Education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim (2017: pensjonist)


Sissel Melby, former teacher of English at Grefsen Upper Secondary School, Oslo

Frøydis Morken, Department of Biological and Medical Psychology, University of Bergen
Frøydis Morken holds a master's degree in logopedics, as well as in general linguistics. She is currently (August 2009) employed at the University of Bergen, department of Biological and Medical Psychology, as a university lector/research technician. She is involved in the Speak up! project, which focuses on early identification of children with dyslexia. In the follow-up phase, starting in August
2009, this project will also include research on dyslexia and foreign language learning

Øyvind Naterstad, Student at Faculty of Teacher Education, Bergen University College (2017: Teacher in Bergen)
He has experience with Comics from working at Raptus, Bergen international comics festival and a longtime personal interest.

Astrid Roe, Researcher, Faculty of Education (ILS), University of Oslo, 


Marianne Ruud, Cand. Phil. Nannestad Upper Secondary School

Signe Mari Wiland, Professor Emerita, Department of Foreign Languages and Translation, Faculty of Humanities and Education, University of Agder.
She teaches English and American literature, culture and didactics. She has developed courses in teacher education based on her reader-response research and is now doing response research on religion and female identity in American literature.


Dr Jennifer Lee Wilson (died 2011) Fulbright Roving Scholars in Norway, lower Secondary Schools, 2008-09 Academic Year
Ph.D., University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri
Tenure track faculty member, College of Education at University of South Carolina 


Adapted for web: Karin Dahlberg Pettersen, Fremmedspråksenteret

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