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What is reading?

"In a general sense, reading is what happens when people look at a text and assign meaning to the written symbols in that text. The text and the reader are the two physical entities necessary for the reading process to begin. It is however the interaction between the text and the reader that constitutes actual reading. Granted, the meaning the reader gets from the text may not be exactly the same as the meaning the writer of the text wished to convey. " (Aebersold & Field. 2008)

In this first section of the guide we have included one text that describes the process of reading. However, a text does not only consist of letters and words; more and more our pupils meet multimodal texts, i.e. texts that convey meaning in many ways and through many modalities, be it font sizes or font styles, illustrations, audio files, video files, etc. Digital literacy or media literacy are terms often used in this sense. The chapter also includes one article that discusses this aspect of the reading process.





We encourage everybody to contribute to our guide in reading; this can be a lesson plan, a book you have used or come across, a link to a good website or an article about reading, for instance. 
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  References: Aebersold, J. A. & Field, M. L. (2008) From Reader to Reading Teacher. Cambridge University Press.

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